Hey guys, I'm Ginger Jolie! I'm proud to be Twistys Treat of the Month for October. ;)

I'm from beautiful Houston, Texas and, like most Southern women, I'm VERY strong willed, independent and outspoken. But, like most Southerners, I'm also very polite.

I'm a real night owl. I love staying up all night, putting on a big sweatshirt and sitting by a fire on the beach, talking with my friends and getting my thrills by watching Fear Factor. (No guys, I probably wouldn't eat one of those big cockroaches, but I might bungee jump off a bridge!)

Even though I can be a bit of a free spirit and a daredevil, I like the traditional male and female roles in a relationship. I can be a real 'girly' girl sometimes. I love shopping and I always 'ooh' and 'ahh' over the puppies and kittens in the pet store window.

I like men who are very masculine. I want a man to be respectful and sweet, but I also want them to know what they want and go after it! It takes a strong man to tame a wild, wild heart like mine! But I don't want a man who's too serious eitherI like people I can have fun with and can make me laugh. Laughter and fun are really important.

That's also why I enjoy being a model. It allows me to be free and enjoy myself. It's weird, but I don't think about being sexy. When someone asks me, "What makes you sexy?" I honestly can't answer. I think I have a good body and I like my nose. (I know it sounds silly, but I think it's my best feature!) But does that make me sexy? I don't know. I only know that I'm out there having fun and doing what I like to do.

Hopefully you have fun watching my video clips and looking at my photo sets. After all, if ain't fun, it ain't worth doing!

Thanks for all your love and support.

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